Unlike the service contract, the support contract does not involve an employer-employee relationship. Rather, it is an independent contractor of the contract. [6] An endorsement agreement is a contract that grants the sponsor the right to use the athlete`s name, image or image in connection with advertising for the sponsor`s products or services (i.e. to dismiss). In most professional sports, leagues prohibit individual players from supporting alcoholic beverages or tobacco products. In addition, the NFL recently passed a directive that players are not allowed to support certain dietary supplements. There are no firm rules for an approval agreement, except that they are legal. The more a sponsor feels that the athlete can help sell the relevant product, the more likely it is to have more money. A performance contract compensates the athlete for attending a public event, sports camp, golf tournament, etc. Consideration is what the promisor (the person who makes promises) asks for and receives as a prize for the promise.

The promisor is the person who makes the promise, and the promise is the person to whom the promise is made. The consideration consists of something to which the promiser is not otherwise entitled. There is no need to use the word consideration in a contract. The consideration is the price paid for the promise. If you think about consideration, think about legal value versus economic value. While economic value (e.g. B money) is the most common form of counterparty, the counterparty must not contain money. I understand that the Department of Athletics is committed to philosophy, that student-athletes are first and foremost students, and that all student-athletes must demonstrate behaviors that show a commitment to maximizing academic success as their top priority. I understand that the Department of Athletics has developed the following standards, strategies and policies to maximize the opportunity for student-athletes to achieve their academic goals.

I understand that I have an obligation to respect these standards: the approval or approval of an agreement by a contracting party must be genuine and voluntary. This authorization is not real or voluntary in certain cases of error, deception or excessive pressure or coercion. The agreement of the parties may be compromised by the fact that either of them has made a mistake. A unilateral error is a mistake made by a party…

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